About this project

Community cat caretakers give so much to help cats – time, money, energy, and love. It’s an effort to provide the most humane solution to a human problem. To give something to them I sought to create a few open-source designs that might invoke new ways to think about feral cat shelters through using inexpensive materials.

Locally I worked with Citizens for Animal Protection, Friends for Life, and Tomball SOS. Each of these groups provided valuable information and allowed me to place these shelters out into the world for testing and feedback.

This project is still in the works and over the summer I will work to find a viable method for delivering these shelters as kits to anyone that might want one. You are also welcome to download the templates and plans and make one yourself or start from scratch and make something even better.

My hope is that by making this a freely available open-source design it will continue to be developed and refined by the TNR community.

Thanks for visiting,

Chris Peterson


3 thoughts on “About this project

  1. Fantastic ideas…thanks so much!!! =^..^=
    FYI – you have a typo in the your page header under “Corokitty.” The end of your heading sentence has “…you cat.” It should be …”your cat.”

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