Hexagon Caverns (wood & Coroplast)

The hexagon version is meant to be stacked as shown below. I will post updated pictured of the more refined model soon – and plans for making one of your own.


Use the above PDF file to print the template onto 2 sheets of 11×17 (ledger) paper.


Use this file for the Coroplast cutting and folding measurements.

The cut pattern on this is a bit intricate. You can make this more simple by cutting the hexagon pieces without the notches. A Maker group in Virginia came up with a version a bit more easy to build here.


The Hexagons Caverns can be made with wood, Coroplast, and insulation foam.


corokitty_instructions_hexagons-02 corokitty_instructions_hexagons-03

The frame and door pieces will look like this:’

IMG_4600s IMG_4601s

Instructions for joining the wood and the Coroplast shell.
  IMG_0873 (1024x576)IMG_0874 (1024x576)IMG_0875 (1024x576)IMG_0876 (1024x576)IMG_0878 (1024x576)

IMG_0880 (1024x576)IMG_0881 (1024x576)

IMG_0882 (1024x576) IMG_0883 (1024x576)


11 thoughts on “Hexagon Caverns (wood & Coroplast)

    • Hello. Yes, I am working on a more detailed set as well as the artwork you can download for cutting. I will post everything soon. Thank you for your interest.

      • Hello. I apologize, but I’m just now working on this again. Just finished school and looking for work, but with winter coming I’ll be making more of these to test with our local feral cat program. I’ll put updates up soon.

    • You can also make these out of just the Coroplast and they’d be very inexpensive. I need to update some of these plans which I’ll do soon. The wood may be a bit difficult to cut without a computer aided cutting tool, but your carpenter friend may have a better way to put them together – and if so it would be good to add it here for anyone else that might like to do it. Unfortunately I don’t think everything here is perfected, but I hope it gets people thinking about different ways to make affordable shelters for community cats.

  1. Hey do you have “use-at-your-own-peril” plans? I’d love to have something to start with feed into the lazer cutter and get it right by trial and error. No need to be perfect, but I love this idea and would love to keep going with a little headstart.

    • Let me know what you mean. I can give you the line art that can be used in a laser cutter. If you were to try laser cutting I would suggest trying 1/4″ plastic (I think you can use HDPE, but I’m not sure) for the front and back. That way you wouldn’t have to worry about treating wood.

  2. Hello. I am the caregiver of 9 colonys, around 110 to 130 cats. I allways loking for new ideas. Please add me to your mailing list so i can stay informed to any or all your designes.
    Love the hexagon shelters.
    Sincerely. Gloria White

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